tirsdag den 29. januar 2008

Todays sugar-shooting

Today we did this HappyLiving shooting for Alt for Damerne - a national womens magazine. It's going to illustrate an article about how we often have bad eating habits during a busy workday. They asked us if we could create a mixed burger with sweets, snacks and office supplements (!) And so we did...having great fun mixing paper clips with M&Ms.
Watch the result in Alt for Damerne during spring!
From an aesthetic point of view it was quite interesting to notice how ugly and non-aesthetic the wrappings of these snack products were. And it was absolutely awful to have all this ugly non-food in our - otherwise healthy - house!) You know, when sugar hit our cells it acts like when you make caramel ! Imagine all the cells of you body sucked into thick sticky caramel, yakki ! Sugar simply makes our body old before time. Read more on the subject on Sundhedsrevolutionen website:

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